Hello Honeybees,

Last year I was part of the 2014 Grassroots class at Leadership Memphis .  As part of our class we took the One Word that will change your life challenge. . The purpose of the exercise is to pick a word that is meant for you, and when you find it, live it, and share it, your life will become more rewarding that ever. To me it’s like a one word vision board.

We each picked a word and shared with the class why we selected that word. It was so inspiring that we had tshirts made. It was an AWESOME experience.  The word I selected last year was PEACE.  After selecting this word I felt a shift happening in my life. I started seeing places in my life where I wanted and needed PEACE.

Tshirt one word

One Word Tshirt

For  2015 I selected the word BRAVE!!

I needed to make some BRAVE decisions in order to find my PEACE.

Once again after I identified my word I was put in situations where I had to be BRAVE if I wanted to obtain and keep the PEACE that I already had.

I have made some BRAVE decisions in both my personal and professional life in 2015 and I still have half a year to go. You will read about those decisions in the coming months.

Who knows what will happen next?

Whatever it is I will be ready!

What is your One Word?

Belinda  Bee pic


Beewisdom- Be Brave. Take Risk. Nothing can substitute experience – Paulo Coelho

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One Response to BRAVE

  1. Summer Owens says:

    Awesome! My word is MOVE.

    I want to move more physically and get healthier. I want to make moves in my businesses, and I want to move people!


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